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the place are purchase DAHUA NVR6000D , how to set up DAHUA NVR6000D 128 Channel DAHUA Super Network Video Recorder?

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DAHUA Network camera

DAHUA Network camera DAHUA NVR6000D 128 Channel Super Network Video Recorder Software

Embedded hard disk video recorder: It is most used in the market now, and it has advantages in terms of cost performance, stability, maintenance and anti-virus.
The reason for its high performance: The hardware is mainly reflected in that its internal boards are integrated on one or two motherboards. After technical integration by the manufacturer, its configuration is lower than that of the PC, and the operating performance It is not inferior to the PC with a certain hardware configuration of high-tech; mainly reflected in the software, its system is perfectly integrated with the operating system of the hard disk video recorder, which directly calls the hardware, speeds up the response time, and improves To improve the running speed and reduce the operation of a lot of unnecessary extra functions, the hard disk video recorder based on Linux and Windows operating system is absolutely impossible.
The reason for the high stability of the embedded hard disk video recorder: from the hardware, it is mainly reflected in the integration of all parts on a motherboard, and the ability to adapt to harsh environments such as shock and dust is better; from the software, it is mainly reflected in its system and the hard disk video recorder. The (DVR) monitoring system is completely integrated and is not easily affected by some additional factors, such as the unfavorable factors caused by the instability of the operating system and the redundant ancillary functions. However, there are some low-quality embedded hard disk video recorders that have poor stability.
The reason for the low maintenance of the embedded hard disk video recorder is mainly reflected in the hardware. Because of the high integration of the embedded system, the professional quality of the maintenance personnel is quite high. This is too small for China’s national conditions. If a problem occurs, it must be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. The repair cost can be imagined, especially after the warranty period. This process can take as little as one week, or as long as one or two months, which causes serious internal disgust for customers to use and purchase next time, and also brings considerable troubles to many engineering companies, and even loss of customers; from software In terms of the above, embedded software basically does not require maintenance, and its software maintenance cost is much lower than that of monitoring systems based on Windows and Linux operating systems. DAHUA Network camera
The reason for the high virus resistance of the embedded hard disk video recorder: mainly because its hardware and software are dedicated, the data stored in the chip is read-only, not writable, and the software has very few incidental functions, so there is no way for viruses to start.
Video wall display part: This part completes the real-time monitoring signal display on the system display or monitor screen and the playback and retrieval of video content. The system supports multi-screen playback, simultaneous recording of all channels, system alarm screen, voice prompts and other functions. It is not only compatible with the unobstructed monitoring functions of the traditional TV surveillance wall, but also greatly reduces the work intensity of the guards and improves the reliability of security defense. The terminal display part has actually completed another important task-control. This kind of control includes camera pan/tilt, lens control, alarm control, alarm notification, automatic and manual defense, anti-theft lighting control and other functions. The user’s work only needs to click the mouse on the system desktop.

DAHUA NVR6000D 128 Channel Super Network Video Recorder Specificatio

Model DH-NVR6000 DH-NVR6000D DH-NVR6000DR
Principal Processor Intel® Core™ i5 Processors
Running Method Embedded LINUX
Motherboard Embedded Board (Assist 7×24 operation)
Memory 4GB DDR3 (up to 8GB)
Case Very hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel (1.2mm thickened), Substantial-exact aluminum alloy slide, Patented pull-out rack style

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