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the place are get DAHUA NVR6000D , how to set up DAHUA NVR6000D 128 Channel DAHUA Super Network Video Recorder?

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DAHUA Network camera

DAHUA starlight Network Camera DAHUA PTZ Camera Support Multi-manufacturer network cameras: Dahua, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Bosch, Brickcom, Canon, CP In addition, Dynacolor, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Videosec, Vivotek and and many others.
>ONVIF Version 2.three conformance
>Redundant power source module adopted (DH-NVR6000DR)
>Front Liquid crystal display display (DH-NVR6000D/DH-NVR6000DR)
DAHUA NVR6000D 128 Channel Tremendous Network Video Recorder Photo

DAHUA starlight Network Camera Front end
The front end completes analog video shooting, detector alarm signal generation, pan-tilt and protective cover control, alarm output and other functions. Mainly include: camera, electric zoom lens, outdoor infrared detector, dual monitor detector, temperature and humidity sensor, pan/tilt, protective cover, decoder, warning light, police siren and other equipment (the equipment usage is configured according to the actual needs of the user ). The camera uses a built-in CCD and auxiliary circuit to shoot the scene into an analog video electrical signal, which is transmitted via a coaxial cable. The electric zoom lens zooms in and out of the shooting scene, and realizes optical adjustments such as aperture and focus. The temperature and humidity sensor can detect the temperature and humidity in the environment to ensure a good internal physical environment. The pan-tilt and protective cover provide a suitable working environment for the camera and lens, and can realize the horizontal and vertical adjustment of the shooting angle. Decoder is the core equipment for pan/tilt and lens control, through which it can realize the use of microcomputer interface to control the lens and pan/tilt through software. DAHUA starlight Network Camera
Transmission part
The transmission part introduced here is mainly composed of coaxial cables. The transmission part requires real-time transmission of the images captured by the front-end camera, and at the same time requires the transmission to have low loss and reliable transmission quality, and the images can be clearly restored and displayed in the video control center.
Control section
This part is the core of the security monitoring system. It completes the functions of digital acquisition of analog video monitoring signals, MPEG-1 compression, monitoring data recording and retrieval, and hard disk video recording. Its core unit is the acquisition and compression unit. Its channel reliability, arithmetic processing capability, and convenience of video retrieval directly affect the performance of the entire system. The control part is the key part to realize the linkage between alarm and video recording.

DAHUA NVR6000D 128 Channel Super Network Video Recorder Software

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