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Dahua Technology Unveils DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard for Efficient and Collaborative Video Conferencing


Dahua Technological innovation, a total total globe top movie clip-centric intelligent IoT cure and help solutions service provider, is introducing its Dahua DeepHub Clever Interactive Whiteboard – an IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel Show) device created for up to date conference rooms and distant discussion requirements. Dependent on consumer would like of electronic transformation today, Dahua Systems has been exploring the movie clip conferencing industry for a long time and has used its technological innovation potential to equip Dahua DeepHub with customer-welcoming interface, wi-fi 4K screen, simplified established up, touchscreen composing functionality and other clever traits. It offers a smart, powerful and collaborative online video conferencing appear across in the AIoT interval.

The Dahua DeepHub supports wi-fi projection from laptop computer pc computer, pill, cellular cellphone, and so forth. irrespective of the OS. It permits wi-fi projection from up to nine terminals at the similar time, which aids ease the set up technique and eliminates messy cables in the convention area. It also adopts a 4K UHD Quick Check out out out LED (DLED) screen with anti-glare systems, generating projection as clear as observing an High definition Tv set set up, and remarkably strengthening meeting understanding and efficiency.

This program is outfitted with Zero Air Gap technology which will get rid of the air amongst the speak to panel and the Liquid crystal display module to decrease reflections and enhance readability. It supports tilt sensitivity composing with time keep off of only <35ms, providing a fluid writing experience similar to writing on a paper. It offers multiple intelligent writing modes and allows simultaneous writing of up to 20 points on the screen. These features are perfect for brainstorming where several members of the team can share and write ideas on the whiteboard at the same time.

Moreover, this intelligent whiteboard also offers writing tools including pen, eraser, and shapes. The size of a figure can be adjusted via two-finger pinch gesture, and the output can also be dragged and moved around the screen. In case you need extra space or pages, the Dahua DeepHub supports page size expansion and inserting additional pages. After the meeting, all the files can be shared by simply scanning a QR code or via email.

Notably, the Dahua DeepHub offers life-like face-to-face communication experience, allowing meeting participants to remotely interact and share content with each other. This interactive whiteboard has an optional detachable PC module with Windows OS that supports mainstream third-party video conferencing software. Its LPH-C models are equipped with built-in 4K camera with up to 104° FOV (H) and lens distortion of <5%, capturing vivid details and delivering high quality videos even in a relatively large meeting room. It also has built-in loudspeaker and mic array that can cover an omnidirectional radius of up to 8 meters.

Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard (with Mobile Stand)

In case of power interruption, its power protection module guarantees continuous power supply to prevent data loss. It also supports fingerprint lock – a security feature that some IFPDs in the market don’t have. It ensures that only authorized users can log in to the device, which helps secure internal information and conferencing content. Its file sharing also has encryption function to secure information exchange.

Packed with more functionalities that meet the various needs of users, the Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard transforms video conferencing to the next level. It solves the common issues of traditional conferencing method by utilizing Dahua’s strength in innovation and technology, making it a significantly better alternative to the outdated and inconvenient whiteboard-projector setup. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

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