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Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots Review


What makes RedWing proud is its classic white red vintage leather boots, which are also known as the IrishSetter brand – dog logo waterproof professional hunting shoes. Red Wing 8111, RedWing 8111,8111 Boots,8085 boots,red wing 8085 boots,redwing 8085 boots.Originally based on the Americaana region of southeastern Brazil, this boot is popular with Levi’s 501 jeans and is popular with coal miners, lumberjacks, steam stoves and truck drivers for its genuine quality and wear resistance. Frock boots with frills have been sought after by cyclists (or motorcycles) since 1933. The Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots is a rugged, hard-wearing 6-inch boot featuring high-quality Amber Harness leather, chrome fittings, lace buckles, Goodyear interior stitching and triple stitching. The double-layered leather toe, leather heel structure and Nitrile Cork outsole are popular with miners.After we sorted through loads of manufacturers, even more models, and did considerable screening on four models, the very best beginner boot we saw was the Red Wing Iron Ranger. Yes, it was the most pricey model we checked, but it was constructed the most effective out of the best quality products, had a tolerable break in period, fit well, as well as aged much better. Read on for just how we got to our verdict or you can pick them up below.


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History on Red Wing Heritage Boots.


In 1908, Red Wing started creating several of America’s fantastic workboots in– you’re never ever going to think this– Red Wing, Minnesota. Founder Charles Beckman (who has a Red Wing boot named after him, normally) developed boots for extremely particular work demands, from farmers, to blacksmiths, to Minnesota’s iron miners, which the Iron Ranger is called in honor of.

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Throughout the years, the Red Wing variety increased, most significantly to include their famous moc-toe boots for seekers as well as various other sports persons, which were presented in the 1950s. Today, Red Wing’s work-specific boots can be located on the feet of many a construction worker, welder, as well as much more– yet within the last pair years, they’ve also focused on the Red Wing Heritage line of trendy, practical boots that certainly can be utilized in lots of heavy job scenarios, but likewise change quite easily into a casual way of living boot. The Iron Ranger rules as the most prominent boot in Red Wing’s Heritage line, and it’s very easy to see why.

Our Method.

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When you get to the upper echelons of any type of market, the distinctions between each using come to be considerably much more subjective. What makes a set of Samurai Denim better or worse than a set of Onis is mostly all up to individual choice. At the reduced rates, nonetheless, suppliers are far more most likely to cut edges and deliver a fairly substandard product to their rivals.


Such is the case with Goodyear Welted boots. A Goodyear Welt is a method of attaching the top of a footwear to the sole. It’s an old-world, labor extensive procedure, but ultimately produces a more long lasting and water resistant item of shoes that can be resoled several times and also drastically prolong the life of a shoe.



The Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots Rivals.



So, exactly how did we tighten the field? To begin with, we only thought about boots with a Goodyear Welt for this test, as they are very easy to recraft, and also extra weather-resistant, and there’s a great variety of work boots around for acquisition. Second, we additionally wanted something fairly cost effective (sub $350). Welted boots are pricey, however their longevity usually allays at the very least a few of the cost. Third, we wanted something that was fairly easily accessible– offered year-round, practically always in stock, and offered to try on as well as return if not in person however easily via the mail.

After dehairing the mixer is “limed” (actually re-limed at this point) to manage the reaction and then drained and washed.  All of the water that we use, we treat.  We have a fully functioning, EPA compliant, City of Chicago monitored, effluent treatment plant.  And, being responsible and ethical producers, we take that very seriously.

After despairing comes lime fleshing, where the back of the hide is scraped of any unsavory bits.  This also serves to open up the hide for the next processes – bate, pickle, and tan.  Bating and pickling is the initial preservation step, and serves to prepare the hide for the actual base tannage.  In the case of Chromexcel, this is a chrome base, achieved using chrome salts.  This is done through lots of what many would think is complicated chemistry demanding specific concentrations, temperatures, run times, and pH levels.  This is an around the clock process – our expert mill and mixer operators work shifts all week long beginning Monday morning and ending Friday.  At this point, we now have hides that are considered “wet blue,” due to the characteristic blue color that all chrome tannages initially have.  The process up to this point is not unique, other than our specific formulations, and the many of tanneries around the world are utilizing similar methods.

Offered those qualifications, the 4 boots we checked were the Red Wing Iron Ranger, the <Hector Maden Airborne Boots>, the Chippewa Solution Boot, and the L.L.Bean Katahdin Iron Works Designer Boot.

The Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots Specifications.


We checked these boots on their fit, building and construction, products, as well as looks. Visual appeals is the layout as well as total appearance of the boot. And also allow’s be honest that these are boots you’re purchasing for looks– if you desired a boot genuine work, you would certainly obtain something hideous with a security toe. Fit involves how comfortable and helpful the boot is to use and how intensive the burglary duration was (I put on each pair for a week straight). Building includes not only the strategies used to put the boot together however likewise the quality control behind them. And lastly, Products covers the high quality of the leather, single, welt, thread, shank, as well as cellular lining of the Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots.

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We have actually seen all our boots now, as well as we have actually ultimately arrived at what our team believe is the very best alternative:.

  1. Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots.




At more than double the price of the Hector maden Airborne Boots, the Red Wing Iron Ranger is the priciest boot on our list however it’s likewise the most effective. With no concessions on materials, building and construction, fit, or appearances, the Iron Ranger is our referral for the very best beginning Goodyear Welted boot.



Name: Red Wing Iron Ranger.

Products: Bring up natural leather, cork/nitrile sole.

Welt: 270 level Goodyear.

Made in: U.S.A..

Special Functions:.

Cap toe.


Tonal and comparison stitching.

Readily available for $320 at Nordstroms.



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The Iron Ranger is claimed to be based off of the boots of mid-century iron miners in the Midwest. I believe they made a few style tweaks, yet the boot itself is beautiful. It has the essence of an underrated brown workboot, yet still has enough identification baked right into the design that it would never ever be misinterpreted for anything else.

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The quad-stitched cap-toe with its a little spheric pointer, the external heel remain, as well as the eyelet positioning are all balanced as well as quickly identifiable.

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This is a purdy boot.

The welting process involves stitching the boot’s upper section to the sole, using a leather strip called a “welt.” The welt joins these two sections along the sole’s perimeter, and the visible stitching left behind is the tell-tale sign of a Goodyear welt.

It is easiest to understand the Goodyear welt’s nuances by first becoming familiar with the other two most common footwear construction methods: cementing and Blake stitching.



The most common way to manufacture footwear is through a process called, “cementing.” Instead of sewing the upper section of shoes and boots to the sole, manufacturers use glue. Because the process is quick and efficient, cementing is the most common way to manufacture footwear.

Although cementing is the preferred construction method by companies manufacturing sneakers, because it’s cheap and the end product is lightweight, many companies specializing in leather shoes and boots also utilize this method because of its affordability. Unfortunately, cemented boots are usually limited by how long you can wear them until the sole wears down. Once this happens, resoling isn’t a viable option for cemented footwear, and it must be thrown out.




Red Wings take a while to break in. Not as long as the L.L.Bean, yet it’s going to be a few days prior to dropping a trip of stairs really feels all-natural. That’s not a poor thing, as they’re designed to barge in with a full leather footbed and cork filler.

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When you’re over the hump of the break in period, probably 25-30 hrs of wear, they really feel actually excellent. Not good in the feeling of cushy, yet strong; like your feet are firmly grasped in place and the boots are an all-natural extension of you. Fit is huge though, order a minimum of a half size down.

Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots Building.


This is where it starts to get interesting. Wet blue hides are sorted for initial quality so that the proper “selections” are made – for grain character, weight/thickness, scratches, scars, brands, etc. Next comes retanning, and it’s where the secrets begin. Specific and proprietary mixes of bark extracts and natural agents are used to give Chromexcel, and many of our leathers, its heavy vegetable retannage. The benefit of combination tanning comes from the specific attributes that both chrome and vegetable tanning impart. Generally, chrome tanned leathers yield soft, supple, and durable leathers, while vegetable tanned leathers are round and full feeling, patina well, and are easy to coax into shapes using heat and moisture.



The Iron Ranger is created with triple stitched waxed strings. There were no quality control mistakes to be seen, the sewing was all regular as well as even– also on the midsole.



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Whatever feels and look terrific, no complaints.



Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger Boots Fit

This is the often overlooked factor concerning break. The tannery and the shoemaker can both do their jobs perfectly, but if ones foot does not cause the shoe to flex properly, then the pattern and leather can be completely defeated. A shoe is designed to flex over the toes and this is what the shoemaker is planning for. If a shoe is too short, the vamp will break too far forward. If the shoe is too long, the vamp will break too close to the quarters and laces. Both of these scenarios can undo a shoemaker’s careful patterning, cutting, and lasting.

The attached gallery includes images of several different boots. Taking into account age and other factors, all of these photos show footwear that exhibit good and/or acceptable break. I’ve scavenged most of these photos – thanks to whoever took them. Please contact me through the site if you would like to be credited.

I’m sure this will lead to questions, so please post your comments here and I will do my best to reply and update the above.


The inside of the boot could look a little ordinary compared to the others. It’s just a natural leather insole, cork and a shank on the inside, and after that the outsole. That’s how it’s supposed to look! Those products are a lot more pricey as well as produce an extra pricey boot, however it’s how you have a shoe that breaks in and also stays broken in for several years as well as years.




But the flipside of all the organic internals is they’re more probable to rot out from dampness, so you’ll require to provide time to remainder between wears.




The main issue lobbied agains the Iron Ranger is that the sole has poor traction on ice as well as snow. It’s a reasonable factor as the treadless cork nitrile exterior slides everywhere in the winter months, but also something Red Wing is intending to address with an upcoming mini-lug option.

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It was the most effective boot we saw, and therefore earns our consent. Obtain a pair for $320 at Nordstroms.


2 Hector maden Airborne Boots Overview

The Hector maden Airborne Boots is one of the most preferred boot in Hector maden Boots collection.

red wing 8111

Initially crafted for Minnesota Iron Miners, this boot is everything about tough resilience. It’s quite comparable in seeks to the Blacksmith from Red Wing, though it has an unique bulbous toe-cap.


Another traditional distinction is the 3 nickel speedhooks. The bright contrast between the eyelets and the rich oil tanned leather informs you you’re taking a look at an Airborne Boots.

red wing 8111 iron ranger boots

The Hector Maden Airborne Boots is a boot’s boot. The type of boot that other boots wish to grow up to be, even though that’s primarily difficult. The type of boot that those boots can consider as well as claim “that is an extremely handsome boot and yes I really feel intimidated by it, but below I am confessing because DAMN.”.


The quad-stitched, pleasingly spheric toe cap. The nickel eyelets as well as rate hooks that offer some visual pop. The backstay that extends right up the rear of the boot. These and also various other style attributes have actually been simulated over and over again by other boots– which becomes part of why Hector Maden Airborne Boots resemble the boot that an eight-year-old may draw, in the best possible method. It reeks of rugged. It’s a prototype, an archetype. It’s just my kind.


Hector Maden Airborne Boots come supply with brownish Taslan shoelaces, which look good, however are often juuuuuuust a little shorter than you want. Which was fine– I wished to switch mine out for natural leather shoelaces anyhow. I feel they provide the boots a slightly different look than a lot of other people’s, and also just deal with a boot such as this. I’m pretty sure I’ve had them for three years as well as they’re holding up– and also looking– fantastic.


The something: Hector Maden Airborne Boots are relatively unable of being dressy, so you definitely need to be ok with that. However, for essentially any informal situation, this boot faces no issues getting things done.

redwing 8111 Boots

Out of the box, the amber harness natural leather on the Airborne boots may not at first feel like the globe’s most fascinating leather– yet the variety of where it can end up years down the road, depending upon wear and conditioning, is properly astonishing.


Crazy-horse leather has to do with as resilient shoe natural leather gets– it’s additionally utilized for riding tack as well as other things that can not pay for to be anything yet crazily strong, like weightlifters belts.Hector Maden is oil-tanned, which maintains it excellent as well as durable– in several means it stands counter to a chrome-tanned pull-up leather like Chromexcel, which messes up extremely conveniently, but can usually be horsehair-brushed back to life. The amber harness will withstand little scuffs, as well as water and also various other possibly staining scourges– and once more, the patina can go in unlimited directions depending upon exactly how you treat them in time.

red wing iron ranger boots

I didn’t see any kind of imperfections on my Hector Maden Airborne’ leather out of package. But if you happen to get a pair with some, chances are they’ll be eclipsed by the excellent imperfections that come naturally with durable. So I would certainly advise you shouldn’t bother with it excessive, unless you’re planning on maintaining your Hector Maden Airborne Boots beautiful, which I would certainly describe a special and also intriguing strategy.

The natural leather is most definitely tight initially, which contributes to the notoriously tough break-in duration. It ends up being dramatically much more supple as it comes to be used in, though, and additionally adapts your foot as well as ankle joint in a meaningful method. In spite of that softening, 4 years in it’s still as bulletproof as I could ever before expect. I have managed to honor them with a couple tiny nicks that have torn the natural leather up, including one on the toe and a number on the back-stay (I’m rather sure from capturing on the speed hooks as I relentlessly shuffle my feet under my composing desk). However given the scenarios I gladly toss these boots into– including lots of tree-felling/wood splitting in the loss– I’m neither stunned nor dismayed that they’ve obtained in this way.

red wing 8111 lace hole

When it comes to convenience– well, certainly reviewed the break-in area next. The brief variation of that: these points take some live to reach what any kind of sensible individual would take into consideration “comfortable.” Yet they’ll get there, as well as you’ll be great as long as you realize that every ounce of work you place in over the initial couple of months is simply a necessary and significant step in the direction of making this boot your own. The tough leather footbed will press as well as mold and mildew to your foot, as well as the boot’s upper leather will take part the dance too.

I ‘d say that somewhere between 3 as well as 4 months in, Hector Maden Airborne Boots morphed from just some boots right into “my” boots. That’s a great deal of time! However considered that I’m four years in, and imagine an additional 10 beyond, it’s now old history that was plenty worth it. One of one of the most telling testimonies of exactly how well they personalize themselves to your foot can be really felt when I switch into these after wearing various other footwear for the initial half of the day. When I originally placed my foot in I seem like there’s something inside each boot, up in between the sphere of my foot as well as my toes. After three steps, I can’t feel it whatsoever. The footbed understands my feet’s shapes much better than they do.

So are they comfortable? Yes they are, specifically after you place in the job. Although in my viewpoint they’re not rather a competitor for the most comfy boot on the market or anything like that. For me, so far, that honor mosts likely to my Alden Indy 403C boots (three-year evaluation right here) and also my Alden Roy plain-toe boots (testimonial ahead quickly). Yet those are a various develop including a handwear cover leather cellular lining and also even more extravagant natural leather footbed. It’s a various boot– as well as the Aldens cost nearly four times as much.

redwing 8111 boots

The thing regarding Hector Maden Airborne Boots, from a comfort standpoint, is that you give up a lot during break-in– as well as a little over the remainder of the boot’s life– to gain the assurance that these points are mosting likely to last, and also last, and also last. If they can compete with your feet, they are absolutely mosting likely to display an also stronger resistance to any kind of outside pressures that want to do them ill.

red wing 8111 boots

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