Home New Product Launch Wholesale Dahua DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI – vendor price $1018 DAHUA DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI 2Mp Entire Hd 30x Network PTZ Dome Camera
New Product Launch

Wholesale Dahua DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI – vendor price $1018 DAHUA DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI 2Mp Entire Hd 30x Network PTZ Dome Camera


Wholesale Dahua DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI  DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI – DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI 2Mp Full HD 30x Star Light Network Laser PTZ Dome Camera DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI
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Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $1,228.00

Special Price: $1,208.00
Quick Overview

>Powerful 30x optical zoom
>Ultra-low light star light camera
>H.264 & MJPEG Three-stream encoding
>Max 60fps@720P and 30fps@1080P resolution
>Defog, 120dB WDR, EIS, ROI, Day/Night(ICR), DNR (2D&3D), Auto iris, Auto focus, AWB, AGC,BLC
>Auto-tracking and IVS
>Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS
>Max 240°/s pan speed, 360° endless pan rotation
>Up to 300 presets, 5 auto scan, 8 tour, 5 pattern
>Built-in 7/2 alarm in/out
>Support intelligent 3D positioning with DH-SD protocol Wholesale Dahua DH-SD6ALA230FN-HNI
>Micro SD memory, IP67, Hi-POE
>IR Distance up to 500m

without Logo,English firmware
>100% original products manufactured by DAHUA

1. Functional requirements of outdoor cameras
There are many types of cameras on the market, and each camera has a different brand and function. How should I choose when buying?

First of all, when choosing the right camera, you must pay attention to the function first, because your purpose is different, and the requirements for the function are also different.
Outdoor cameras need the following functions: 1. High-definition picture quality (preferably 200W pixels or more, that is, 1080P, otherwise the monitoring picture will be blurred); 2. Two-way voice (you can talk in time, whether at home or out, if something happens Quickly contact others); 3. PTZ rotation (wide panoramic view, mobile phone screen can monitor the entire yard without letting go of every corner); 4. Remote viewing (you can watch the monitoring screen at any time on your phone when you go out, simple Convenient); 5. Dustproof and waterproof (outdoor use, rain and snow cannot be avoided, the camera material needs waterproof function to ensure the service life). The above are the necessary functions for rural outdoor monitoring. Other functions can be determined by the situation, such as human figure detection, sound and light alarm, power outage and battery life.


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