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Tips To Make You A Great Basketball Player


Do you wish that you knew more about basketball? Everyone who loves basketball wants to excel at it. That takes a great deal of learning. Perhaps you can learn a few things from this piece. Read on to find out how to become a better player.

If you typically handle the ball a lot, it pays to learn the crossover. Switch from one side to the other while dribbling. If order for the maneuver to be a success, it has to be performed with speed. If you do it right, a crossover dribble will assist you in changing directions and getting down the court in an efficient manner.

Proper balance is essential when shooting. Sometimes you’ll see professional players fall out of bounds while making a shot from afar, but this doesn’t work at all times. This is simply an improvised move. You need to maintain good balance while shooting, which is sure to produce greater consistency.

To improve your game, concentrate on your strong points. Your best skills may not be center-stage every game, but knowing how to play the best angles can help you give more to your team. Figure out what you do well at and then you can practice that until you perfect it.

If you wish to do better with basketball, you have to focus on what you’re good at. You might not become a big basketball star based on your strengths, but you will be an asset to your team. Realize your limitations, and roll with your talents.

Successful free throwing requires as much mental skill as it does physical skill. Your body can be trained to make free throws, but your mind has to be focused on success if you want to make the basket. Take a deep breath, relax and imagine you are at practice to help yourself make the shot.

Free throws are as mental as physical. You must be mentally strong to be a consistent free throw shooter. Relax and focus on the net, and you’ll be able to make more.

It is important to practice catching the ball from others as much as passing. You need to be able to retrieve perfect passes and not so perfect passes. This will help to improve your game when it gets intense. You can do the rest of your team a favor by practicing how you can best complete imperfect passes.

One great way to pass good is to drill when you can without dribbling. It’s tough to play basketball minus the dribbling, and it causes you to pass accurately. Don’t be frustrated by how hard it is at first; you will get used to it.

Do not restrict your practices to zone defenses alone. Though much of the game is sure to be played within a zone pattern, the opposition may try to go man-to-man in order to confuse you. When you don’t know how to defeat it, you will lose.

If you become injured when playing basketball, stop immediately. This is a physically challenging game, so you may end up hurt much worse. Pushing through the pain often results in a more serious injury. Be sure to seek medical care if you have a serious injury.

Completing passes to your teammates is just as important as dribbling the ball. It is hard to play basketball without dribbling, and demands accurate passing and teamwork, so it will be a challenge. It may seem nearly impossible at first, but over time your team will learn to throw accurate passes and be in good position to receive them.

What do your teammates admire about your skills? Are you skilled at something? You might be quick, or you might always be around to support them. Determine what others like about your game and fine tune those skills.

In order to get a good shot, you must use good footwork. While physical presence under a basket is important, finding a decent spot before the opponent is even more so. After positioning yourself on the court, make sure that you are secure. Strong footwork is key.

To increase the efficiency of your layups, begin your takeoff on the foot opposite from the hand you’re shooting with. So, your left foot should be the one you take off from if you use your right hand to shoot. Your body will be better balanced and moving in the direction of the basket. Your body will also be kept between the defender and yourself.

If you get injured while playing basketball, do not try to play through the pain. Basketball is very physical and there’s always a risk of injury. If you try to keep playing, you can hurt yourself worse. If it is a serious injury, see a doctor.

In your drills, you should attempt to move the basketball the length of the court in fewer than half a dozen dribbles. This may seem quite difficult at first, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll have great speed and stride length. You will have easy layups on fast breaks and you will be able to advance your team easily.

When you’re working out, concentrate on core strength building and your footwork. Your body will be able to move quicker and be more balanced when you have srong core muscles. Strengthen you back muscles along with abs, hips and buttocks. Jumping rope is great for improving your footwork and also helping you to gain speed.

Changing pace can help you keep the offense guessing. While you run at the net, plant the front foot and start straightening your body. This will make the guard think you’re slowing down, then they will straighten their body too. Push forward and blast by them.

Your forearms and hands should be strengthened if you wish to handle the ball better. Wrist curls work well at helping you handle the ball. Don’t think you can just go somewhere on the court, catch a ball and then make a successful shot. You have to be ready to move fast and change directions on a dime.

Work on your 3 point shot by shooting from the established NBA distance. All the other three point lines are much closer than the NBA line. Learning how to shoot from the NBA three point line can help you get better looks at the basket.

If you don’t want someone to steal the ball, dribble hard. This is because the ball returns to you hand faster, so the opposing team has less of a chance to get it. If you have somebody guarding you very closely, pass the ball to an open teammate.

You’ll want to use the hand that you aren’t dribbling with as a barrier to protect the ball. You don’t want to be pushing any of your opponents (that’s a foul), but you can use that non-dribbling arm as a separator to keep the ball safe. Keep your other arm up slightly while you dribble.

Only stop dribbling when you are prepared to shoot or pass. You are limited once you cease dribbling. Aside from using your back foot to pivot, you have very little freedom. This causes you to be wide open to some double teaming by the other team and increase your chances of having the ball stolen.

Be sure you do the sort of off-court exercises that help you during games. For example, you can improve individual plays with sprinting. You can improve overall game performance and endurance with long distance running. To play more physically, lift weights to make yourself a more dominating presence. The confidence this gives you will help you with your shooting.

It is important that you remain in control of the ball despite which way your body is going. This will have you ready for a game, when you will need to move any direction on a moment’s notice. You might be able to go through an open court or have to switch sides to avoid opponents. You must know how to dribble effectively by leaning your body in both directions. Not being able to do this leaves you open for the ball to be stolen.

Practice shooting the ball from many different areas in order to improve your ability. You need to practice your grip and balance. Off-balance shooting can happen, but it’s not as accurate. You can use your basketball’s valve to improve grip. Your fingers of the dominant hand can be placed on the ball with your palm centered on the valve.

Control the ball at a level that is below your knees. Opponents will have a hard time stealing the ball from you if you keep it low. To help this occur, you must be bending, however it will speed up your efforts to move down the court.

Many shots from the court corner end up sailing right over the basket. Pay attention to this as you prepare for a rebound.

Your exercise off the court needs to help your game. Running for long distances will increase your stamina, while running sprints will help you with fast-paced moves. Lifting weights and doing resistance training is going to help you to build muscle to take shots. The resulting confidence helps you have more reliable shooting.

Foster a positive relationship with your team members regardless of whether you are playing or practicing. Basketball is best played with a team which works well together. If you know your team like the backs of your hands and you fully trust them, you should see your game really take off!

Try to always know the location of the ball once it leaves someone’s hands. Rebounds represent a crucial component of any basketball game. Gaining possession on a turnover is always going to be a positive for your team.

To help maintain your balance when catching a rebound, try to land with your feet shoulder width apart. Your hands must be positioned on both sides of the ball, and the ball must be held tightly against your chest. Watch your elbows since hitting an opposing player is a foul.

Be sure you understand how important good passing is. Passing causes confusion among your opponents. It also builds your team’s camaraderie. At some point during a game you will have to show off your own skills. Relax, and soon enough your skills will be put to the test.

Having good positioning on the court when trying to grab a rebound will help you keep the ball. For better power and balance, jump using both feet and take the basketball with both of your hands. After the ball rebounds, keep your feed wider apart than your shoulders to improve your balance, and hold the ball closely to your chest.

Know the weaknesses of your game. Be very honest when thinking about your game. For instance, if foul shots are a problem, work on them more than long, high risk, three point shots. If you play weakly inside the paint, work on your short shots, and train to play more physically. Conquer all your weak points so you continue to mature into a great player.

If you are aware of a weakness in one of your opponent’s hands, make them work with that side. For example, if your opponent is right handed, force them to use their left hand. Keep your head low and be prepared to steal the ball.

When dribbling, practice building up a strong bounce. When you hard bounce the ball, it’ll move fast and stay protected. Use force when dribbling.

Now, after reading this article, you should be better prepared when playing your next game. Learning can be fun, especially if you love what you are learning. Keep the information learned here close by to help you better your skills. Basketball is a great sport to play.

Never argue with a ref. You may disagree with a call, and it’s OK to ask a question of the official. But, you shouldn’t start yelling at them or getting into their faces if you wish to be a team player. Cut the pros some slack, and keep playing your best.

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