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The phone on the way out — huawei mate20X


Huawei Mate20X was released in 18th, and I waited until 19th to buy it, so the price was relatively reasonable. What’s more, there was no big price reduction on the Internet, but the price in the physical store was lower than online.
This mobile phone was bought for my mother. Before, she required only a large and durable screen. At that time, huawei 5G storm aroused my mother’s patriotism and some face problems, so the third requirement was added.
Even then she tried to grab the folding screen, but I had to buy X first to put her off.
Appearance appearance: the design of water drop screen black edge is not wide, at that time looking at feel very ugly bath bully 4 take now see actually also go.
The most important thing is that the screen is big enough, 7.2 inches, that vision is not very good, the font will not have any problem, in addition to the screen actually feel what granular feeling.
Usage experience: Because it is used by my mother, the usage intensity is not very high. Basically, the battery can be charged one more day, and there is no power anxiety at all.
In the other two years, she did not mention the time limit, which she was satisfied with, thinking that she could use it for another year and a half. For example, the Xiaomi MAX2 she bought for her was also a large-screen phone, but she felt very time limit and wanted to change it after two years.
Brand factor: the cost performance of Huawei at that time was better than now. Especially, I bought it half a year later, which almost squeezed the first one. Moreover, I did not expect that offline would be cheaper than online, which was quite unexpected.

Anyway, all kinds of brands are inferior to Huawei in my mother’s.
Photo and camera: The phone is equipped with lycra lens, the overall adjustment is also good, occasionally go out to travel, a little inspiration when you can take some amazing photos, this performance is also very good.
On the whole, as an outdated flagship, the price will be reasonable after half a year, and the user experience is also very good, which is still very satisfied. However, as a 7.2-inch large screen phone, it is inevitable to be heavy, so it is equipped with a phone case that can be hung on the body.
Because it’s not easy to put in your pocket.

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