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Italian entry level collector’s pen: Parola Slim out of the box


Purchase reason

With the exception of a Paczore, I have been buying German pens for years.
There is no doubt about the quality of German pens.
Buy German pen to belong to bought a safeguard, need not worry too much to have serious quality problem, let a person compare worry.
At the same time, the German fountain pen is also famous.
Brands like Montblanc, Bellygin and Lamy have long been familiar.
Even though some niche German brands are less well known, people know a good pen when they see “Germany” on the cap.

After buying a lot of German pens, I gradually wanted to try other styles.
When I was thinking about which country to buy first, I got the answer by chance.
One day, WHEN I was sorting through my closet, I found that many of my clothes had Made in Italy labels.
These Clothes made in Italy are better than those made in other countries both in design and in cut.
This gave me an idea: if Italians are so good at making clothes, could they also be good at making pens?

At that moment, I realized that as a German fan, I was not familiar with Italian culture. I had only been to Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice for sightseeing, but I didn’t have a deep understanding of them.
I can sing a whole Deutschland Uber Alles and not even know the difference between monte and Montagna.

With the mentality of giving it a try, I began to do my homework online.
Italy currently has three pen brands, Vantja, Aurora and Visconti.
These three brands have their own characteristics, and I prefer Venta, the first Italian writing tool manufacturer.
After all, it’s the oldest and has the same last name as Montblanc, so it can’t be too bad.
The reason why they are all named Wan is because Vanta, like Montblanc, takes mountain as its brand name.
Montegrappa is named after the Mountain of Grappa, Monte being the Italian word for mountain.
Named after the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc is The French word for mountain.
One is Mount Grappa and the other mont Blanc. No wonder they’re both named Wan.

After identifying the brand, the next step was to choose the style. Since I had never bought an Italian pen before, I clicked it when I saw the prompt “my first Vantja” on the official website.
The first officially recommended entry series are Elmo, Parola and Fortuna.
Among the three series, I prefer Parola. The classic and elegant traditional shape is very impressive, and it has Slim pen style, which is friendly to those who don’t like thick pen.

official website

A green carton

Use an inker with springs to break the tension of the ink

From left to right, the Porsche Design P3125 Slim, The Vantega Parola Slim and the Vedivan Exception Slim

I don’t like using too thick a pen, and one of the main reasons I bought the Parola Slim was because it was a Slim model.
However, a comparison of the other Slim pens I have found that the Italian Slim is still larger than the Slim pens from other countries.

Exquisite pen cover

Parola Slim’s cap is the highlight of the pen. The obsidian crown is surrounded by angular metal parts, like a crown on top of the pen, giving the pen a more advanced feel.
The holder is a very Italian roller holder that makes it easily distinguishable from other pens.
The advantage of the roller pen holder design is that it makes it easier to fit the pen into your jacket pocket.
Italian romanticism endowed the pen cover even in taipan and small zhizun’s pen cover is not inferior

Handwriting contrast

When I saw the pen tip of Parola Slim, I was a little disappointed.
Comparing the steel tip of a Similarly priced German pen, the one by Diplomat is branded, the one by Otto Hutt is gold-plated and the one by Parola Slim is unadorned, with only the brand name and nib size marking, instantly reducing the texture of the pen.
The same nib reminds me of Lamy’s Hunter, which costs a tenth of the Parola Slim’s price.
To say the least, the Germans put all the cost into the most important nib.

The f-tip I bought this time was totally unexpected after I tried to write the ink, which made me start to doubt life since I grew up with German pens.
Vantega has a very thin point. I bought an F point but it felt thinner than an EF.
The Italians make pens illogically, the same Slim is thicker than the Slim of other countries;
The same f-tip is thinner than the f-tip in other countries.
With its hard, scratchy writing, water control and broken ink, Parola Slim epitomizes common stylus problems.
To find out how far Parola Slim’s nib can go, I took out my cheapest Kaweco Classic collection and found that Kaweco’s nib is much easier to write than Parola Slim’s.

I couldn’t figure out why a pen with a writing experience of around ten euros could be sold for more than ten times, until I checked the official website of Vantja again.

It turns out the Parola Slim’s sky-crown isn’t cheap, with two sky-crown cufflinks costing €155.
At 180 euros, the Parola Slim is worth 80 euros per crown.
The rest of the cover and body are worth around 20 euros.
The gorgeous case should be worth 30 euro, the remaining 50 euro 40 is the brand design and premium, 10 euro is the value of the nib.

In general, Parola Slim is not suitable for everyday writing. It is more decorative than practical.
Wantejia pen from the beginning of the entry has its own collection and decoration attributes.
This pen is mainly used for two purposes. First, it can be used as a gift. The gorgeous case and delicate body of the pen will definitely make the recipient happy.
Second, it can be put in the pocket of the suit for decoration. After all, the shape of the tianguan is a good decoration whether it appears on the cuff or in the pocket of the suit.
As for daily writing, be honest and buy a German pen.

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