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How To Become Great At Playing Basketball


A thorough understanding of basketball makes it more fun for spectators and players alike. What’s the score? Don’t let it worry you. Basketball is a very simple game that is very enjoyable. This article will give you tips whether you’re watching or playing.

Make use of hand signals so that wild passes can be avoided. Often in basketball, a player makes a pass at the exact same time the receiving player heads to another part of the court. You can stay away from doing this if you use a hand signal to see if someone is ready for a pass. Without a signal, players shouldn’t attempt to pass.

Make sure you learn how to shoot free throws. The execution of a free throw is not as simple as it may appear. When practicing your free throw, concentrate on where you want the ball to go when it leaves your hands. Start out by holding the basketball right in front of you. Then, look at the ball and visualize it going in the basket. When you shoot, keep the visualized trajectory in mind.

Footwork is what gets you ready for a shot. Securing a good location is critical when playing basketball. Once you find a spot, you need to know how to defend it. Strong footwork is key.

Always dribble with your head up and looking forward. If you have to keep your eye on the ball when you’re dribbling, practice can remedy that. Bring your ball along when you go out. Practice in your home and wherever you walk. If you’re looking at the basketball, you won’t be able to see what is coming at you.

In order to handle the ball correctly, spread your fingers out. This will help you to be sure that it won’t escape your grasp when trying to hold it. Try to keep your palm off of the ball as well. When you’re shooting or passing, the only place the ball should touch your hand is on your fingers.

Free Throws

Have someone taper your games and then watch it to see how you look on the court. Did you spot something that could be improved? Don’t get yourself down about your performance, but stay honest with yourself concerning where your game needs some work. At times, it can help to see the truth of who you are, not as you imagine yourself.

Free throws require as much mental focus as physical skill. Your body can be trained to make free throws, but your mind has to be focused on success if you want to make the basket. Relax and concentrate on your basket to increase your free throws.

If you are being heavily guarded, a pass between your legs might help. Practice this maneuver by bouncing the basketball between your legs while taking steps. Mastering this technique can give you a significant advantage.

Want to become a better basketball player? Watch the pros! Attend as many professional games as you can, watch the pros on TV, or watch video of professionals. You’ll learn that every player is skilled at certain things and that can help you to know what you can do to get better.

Try practicing how to pass while looking in another direction. You are able to confuse opponents with this technique. When you do this right, looking this way will make the opponents go to the wrong place so that when you pass the other person has a better chance at making a shot. When done smoothly it can be a game changer.

Perfect Passes

Perform exercises to strengthen the muscles in your forearms and hands in order to maximize your ability to handle the ball. One important exercise is wrist curls, which help you with your dribbling. Don’t stay stopped; always move around the court. It is essential to move the ball around in order to succeed.

Practice your pass catching often. You need to be able to retrieve perfect passes and not so perfect passes. Some passes may be too high, too low or off target, so you should practice receiving passes often. So you should do the team a favor by knowing how to take in any kind of a pass that comes from someone.

You can prevent other players from stealing the ball from you by dribbling hard. The ball will get back to the hand faster, giving the other team less of an opportunity to grab it away. If an opposing player is guarding you to the point where you can’t dribble well, it’s time to pass to an open teammate.

If you have a kid wanting to play basketball in high school, be certain that they are properly training their core muscles. That means their hips, lower back and abs. The core links together all of the extremities and if it isn’t strong, they will be dealing with a limited athletic ability. Building a solid core helps maintain the leg strength that lies at the core of a strong game.

Your diet is key to being a better player. In order to be skilled at basketball you need to load up on carbs to give yourself plenty of energy. Adding nuts, chicken, peanut butter and whole grain breads to your diet can help. Sugars and salt should be used sparingly.

Hand signals can help you to stay away from making bad passes. Often in basketball, a player makes a pass at the exact same time the receiving player heads to another part of the court. Hand signals help ensure that the player is ready to take the ball. No signal, no pass.

Control your nerves. Stay focused on the net. Look at the backboard when you shoot. When shooting layups, be sure you are using the backboard.

Knowing your opponent is the best way to play a tough defensive game. Monitor scouting news and watch footage of other teams in action. For example, you might look to see which players favor their left side and which have dominant right hands. Once you understand the opposition, you will now how to mount your defense. Smart defenders are good defenders.

When guarding a person that is stronger or taller, be sure you stay in between that person and the player with the ball. This will prevent them from getting an easy pass and stop them from shooting the ball right over your head.

Work on core strength when you work out. With strong core muscles, you will have better balance. Exercise your abdominal muscles as well as those of the hips, buttocks and back. You will improve your speed and footwork if you jump rope like boxers do.

When you have the ball, know when to try to make a shot and then when to pass it off to someone who has a better shot. It’s preferable to assist the winning goal, rather than be the sole reason a basket was missed,

Pay close attention to your shoulders if you’ve suddenly developed a shooting slump. If your shoulders aren’t correct, you may not be able to make the shots. Your shoulders should be facing the hoop. The dominant shoulder needs to be aligned correctly with the rim.

Always pay attention to where the ball goes once your teammate or your opponent sends it out of their hands. Rebounds are terribly important to the game. Gaining possession on a turnover is always going to be a positive for your team.

You want to always be aware of foot placement and what you’re doing. Just touching the baseline is going to get you called out of bounds. Holding the ball for too many steps and not dribbling will result in a walking call which will cause you to you will lose possession of the ball. In addition, moving one foot while working on setting a screen or pick will produce a foul.

Be sure you understand how important good passing is. Passing can work to confuse opponents. It also gets everyone on the team in the game. You can show your skills when the time is right. Make sure everyone gets a chance to display their skills by passing the ball as much as you can.

A good way to see yourself playing is to have someone record your games. On tape, you can see all the opportunities you passed and how things could have gone better. When looking at the tape, don’t be too critical, but be honest. Sometimes it’s beneficial to look at yourself the way you really look and not just like you think you look.

Proper pivoting is essential in the game of basketball. Work on your footwork to be able to move smoothly. Develop your pivot stance, and the practice quick reactions with the ball in hand.

Try practicing how to pass while looking in another direction. This can go a long way toward confusing the opposition. By looking in the opposite direction, your teammate has a few extra seconds to make the shot. It’s a great play if done properly.

The best way to get through a zone defense is to penetrate with a controlled dribble. Passing a defensive player and moving into the lane is sure to prompt a defensive shift or even a collapse. At this point, if you are close to the basket and have the lane, then put the ball up. If one of your teammates isn’t covered, pass it to him so he can take the free shot.

Give your layouts the most by launching from the foot that opposes the hand you are shooting with. If you play to use your right hand to shoot, you’ll want to use your left foot to take off. This can help you to remain balanced, continue moving toward the hoop, and will keep your body between the defender and yourself.

Practice dribbling the ball hard while still keeping it under control. Normally, you will be dribbling the ball to your side but during fast-break opportunities you will need to dribble the ball in front of you. Practice dribbling with full force as much as possible.

It’s not that hard. You’ve learned a couple basic tricks, so now you can get out there and start enjoying the game. Take what you have learned in this article and apply it to your game today and you’ll be a better player in no time.

Dribbling is both physically and mentally challenging. Dribbling involves more than just bouncing the ball against the court. Keep the opposing defender in a high state of awareness by switching up your position and momentum.

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