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Xiaomi Mijia Internet released the new open door refrigerator 540L

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Recently, Xiaomi released a new refrigerator — Mijia Internet Open-door refrigerator 540L, which is the largest capacity in mijia’s refrigerator series.

At the same time, it has the first-level energy efficiency, air cooling without frost, computer temperature control, intelligent interconnection and other selling points, which can fully meet the daily multi-use needs of Chinese families. It is very suitable for families with more than 4-6 people or users who like to store food materials.

At present, the new product has been officially launched on major e-commerce platforms for pre-sale, and it will be available in all channels on December 10, priced at $800.

Review the release process of millet refrigerator simply.
In October 2019, Xiaomi entered the refrigerator field for the first time, and released four mijia refrigerators in one breath: Mijia air-cooled cross four-door refrigerator 486L, Mijia air-cooled double door refrigerator 483L, Mijia air-cooled three-door refrigerator 210L and Mijia two-door refrigerator 160L.
Since then, mijia air-cooled two-door refrigerator 170L, Mijia two-door refrigerator 118L, Mijia three-door refrigerator 215L, Mijia Internet open-door refrigerator 450L and other products have also been released.
In this year, mijia refrigerator product series has basically completed the comprehensive coverage of different sizes, volumes and prices, which can meet the purchase and use needs of different users’ families.

540L large capacity, thin fuselage does not occupy an area

Mijia Internet has 540 liters of storage space for the open-door refrigerator 540L, of which the freezer capacity is 189L and the freezer capacity is 351L. The built-in double-row straight open large drawer and extra-wide 8-cell storage door shelf can meet the storage needs of the whole family for a week.

Provide large capacity at the same time, Mijia Internet to open the refrigerator 540L box design is still very thin, the thickness of the whole machine is only 660mm, the width and height of the box are 905mm and 1770mm respectively, can be easily embedded in the cabinet, titanium air grey minimalist appearance suitable for a variety of indoor styles.

Say goodbye to manual deicing, air-cooled frost-free is fresher

Mijia Internet on the open door refrigerator 540L adopts the air cooling frost-free technology, through the waterfall type sinking wind, will be transported to every corner of the cold air, avoid direct blowing food materials, fruits and vegetables moist not dry.
Circulating air evaporator automatic cream, dry and fresh food surface, not easy to stick, durable and strong refrigeration effect.

Mijia Internet to open the door refrigerator 540L new release price of 2999 yuan Millet body sensor 2 crowdfunding at the same time

In terms of energy saving and silent operation, Mijiinternet adopts double frequency conversion unit for open door refrigerator 540L, including DC frequency conversion fan and frequency conversion compressor, which meets the first-level energy efficiency standard, saves electricity and has low noise. The daily power consumption is 0.96 KWH/day, and can keep 39dB silent operation.
In addition, it is also equipped with 4 temperature sensors, which can adjust the temperature intelligently according to different use scenarios to ensure fresh food ingredients do not deteriorate.

Mijia Internet to open the door refrigerator 540L new release price of 2999 yuan Millet body sensor 2 crowdfunding at the same time

OTA online upgrade, voice and remote control support

In order to facilitate users to adjust the refrigerator Settings and food management, Mijia Internet uses a new computer temperature control interaction for the open refrigerator 540L. An LED touch panel is gathered on the refrigerator door, which is simple and intuitive, and the elderly at home can easily operate.

Mijia Internet to open the door refrigerator 540L new release price of 2999 yuan Millet body sensor 2 crowdfunding at the same time

Mijia Internet for open door refrigerator 540L is also connected to xiaoai classmate voice control and Mijia APP.
During business trips, users can also remotely check and set the temperature of the freezer and freezer, and adjust the refrigerator mode.

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