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Take Your Cell Phone Abilities To New Heights With These Tips


Do you personally know anyone that doesn’t use a phone? It is most likely that everyone you know not only has a cell phone but a smartphone where they can text, texting and surfing the web. Read this article for helpful suggestions you can incorporate as it pertains to the subject of cell phones.

Ensure that you are restarting your cell phone occasionally. This will clear memory caches that are being filled by apps such as Twitter or Facebook. This will increase the speed at which your smartphone performs.

Be certain to power off your cellphone here and there to dispose of stored memory from things like Facebook and Twitter. This can boost the speed at which your smartphone performs.

If you’re using a LTE or 4G signal, watch your video usage. Your phone plan may have a monthly data allowance. Video goes right through this and you might end up getting charged more. If you’re going over your allowance often, you’re on the wrong plan.

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You may not need the newest phone the day it hits the market. Sometimes this isn’t worth the trouble. Though new phones are always coming out, the differences are often minute when compared to the upgrade in price. Look at the reviews before making the decision to buy it. You often won’t.

Be careful if you stream videos using your cell phone out of wi-fi range. Your cell phone may have a data allowance. Video goes right through the allowance and you might end up getting charged more. If you routinely exceed your limits, you may need a new plan.

You shouldn’t pay if you have to call information. Just call 1-800-411-FREE instead. Then you will hear the info you need after a short advertisement.

Remember that smartphones slow down a smartphone. You can extend the newest operating systems to try to breathe in a little extra life. The updates and features.

As your phone gets older, it will begin running more slowly. There are some updates that minimize this problem. That said, the updates tend to get bigger and more powerful. After a while, the updates needed become too much for an older phone to handle.

Does your phone battery seem to die quickly? Weak signals can actually drain the phone’s batteries.

Does your battery seem to die quickly? If it does, you might find that your signal is weak. Believe it or not, a weak signal can drain a battery. When not using the phone, don’t put it somewhere that the signal is low.

When buying a newer cellphone, do some old fashioned comparison shopping in physical stores. Invest some time in looking at different models and remember to test their features. This makes your chances of finding a phone you are bound to love using.

Your smartphone will slow down as it gets older. So, the longer you own your phone, the more trouble you are likely to have doing updates or even new apps. In many cases, making a choice becomes necessary. You have the option of keeping things as they are by not accepting updates, or you can upgrade the phone to stay on top of changes.

Be sure you actually need a smartphone before you buy one. They cost quite a bit, but provide many features. The problem comes in when you really only need just a basic phone that there are lots of folks who could do with far less. This could end up not being a good choice for you.

Even if you’ve always used the same cell phone brand, consider looking to other varieties. It may take some time to learn a new screen layout or interface, but keep your mind open. Taking a chance with another phone might make you feel more satisfied with your choice.

Do not purchase a smartphone if the only reason you just want to talk. Smart phones are great for those who use the phone to connect to the Internet and to send and receive e-mails. Since smartphones cost quite a bit more money, economize and buy a regular cell phone if you just want to use it for voice conversations.

Before you buy a phone, ask your neighbors and friends for advice. Seek out trustworthy people you know who have first hand experience using various cell phone models. With their help, you should be able to figure out which model you will like the best.

Remember that the cameras on your phone does not use optical zoom feature. Move closer to the subject if you want a better shot. There are extraneous lenses you can get that fit onto smartphones for zooming.

Most smartphones lack an optical zoom feature. For zooming in, you need to get closer to the subject of the photo. There are extraneous lenses you can purchase that will enable your smartphone’s camera to zoom.

It is a good idea to purchase a phone fairly often so that you take advantage of years to stay current. Most websites function better when viewed on the newer phones. This can mean that you’ll have a hard time accessing them if your phone becomes outdated.

You can play games on the phone to make the day go by a little faster. Smartphones have great graphics, which means you can use them to play great games. However, too much gaming could cause issues for your memory, so be careful.

You can play all kinds of games on the phone to make your downtime more enjoyable.

Make the time for learning about the apps that came on your phone. Many phones now let you surf the Internet and listen to your favorite music. Your phone probably has a calendar function as well. When you know more about these apps, you can use them effectively.

Make sure to protect your cell phone is protected. They may be expensive to replace or fix in their entirety. A screen protector should be one of the screen. You might also want a case able to keep your phone safe in the event it is dropped.

Keep your cellphone properly protected. They can cost you a lot of money to fix or to replace. Buy a screen protector to avoid scratching on your phone’s screen. Getting a hard case to go with the screen protector may protect your phone if it’s dropped and even from daily wear.

You likely know the coverage area where you have a signal near your home. It may even be everywhere you go on a regular basis. If you live within a city and leave town, your service may not be as good.

Look at the coverage map when you are leaving the state. For your day-to-day activities, you probably know how strong your signal usually is. Perhaps it extends fairly far in your state. If you within a big city and travel to other cities or through more remote areas, you might see that your coverage drops at times.

Learn how to use your phone’s calendar. You can note your appointments in it or even leisure time.You can remain prepared by setting your phone to let you know an event is about to take place. This is great for saving paper and for when you need to keep a lot of time.

Purchase a protective case. Dropping an expensive phone on the ground could cost you a lot of money. A strong case can protect this from happening. One really good case is called the Defender.

Data Plan

Never let those cell phone cameras fool you with their zoom lens claims. It is quite different than the zoom function on an actual camera. Instead, you’ll get a digital zoom. This enlarges pixels, and it can lower the overall quality of the zoomed-in photo. Move closer to the target instead of using zoom.

Use wi-fi instead of the data plan when you watch videos. Videos are heavy and use up your data fast. This is only advisable if you have an unlimited data plan that is unlimited.

Turn off your phone when you are in a bad signal area. The battery can be drained from signal searching. Keep the search off until you are in a an area with good reception.

Don’t use your phone when you’re driving.You may think that driving with a set that’s hands-free is a good idea, but you will still be concentrating more on the conversation than on the driving. Research is starting to show that even this can be dangerous.

Stay off your phone while driving. Even with a Bluetooth hands-free device, it is dangerous. Research has shown that this can be dangerous as well.

New phones do not need a screen protection. Most new models have built-in protection that safeguards against scratches and even scratching. Adding another screen protector may make it hard to read the display. They may also develop air bubbles or their own scratches.

If you do have a new phone, then you likely don’t need a screen protector. Many newer phones have extra protection built into the screen to prevent smudges or scratches. Adding a screen protector that’s separate may make it hard to read your display. Screen protectors can get air bubbles or scratching.

Use the Wi-Fi connection options on your phone as much as possible. This allows you don’t use as much of your data allowance. Find apps or sites that lets you know where local hotspots are. Many restaurants and shops now offer this freely for patrons.

Only get a phone with the options you need. There are many features on most new phones which aren’t useful to many consumers. If you want a phone only, don’t use money for features you don’t use.

Only buy a phone with the options you need. There are many features out there that most new phones which aren’t useful to many consumers.

Turn off features that you don’t use but make your cell phone charging take longer. You most likely have GPS, WiFi and all other types of capabilities on your phone. And it’s just as likely you don’t need all of these things at any given time. In fact, some you may never use. Therefore, turn them off whenever possible.

Turn off the features that you don’t use but make your cell phone charging take longer. You don’t always need that when you are lounging around the house. You may not have the need them at all.You can turn them off inside your phone.

If your battery has recurring issues, get yourself a extra. Some are available as a case, making it a snap to take your backup battery with you wherever you go. Some are external which plug right into your cell phone, just like a charger.

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Close any applications you aren’t using. Many apps will stay open unless manually shut down. Unnecessary applications running on your phone can cause it to slow or freeze, in which case you’ll have to reset the phone.

Today you will notice that cell phones are just about everywhere. You can probably see quite a few if you just step out on your front porch. There are several things you need to know about cell phones. Use this information to your best advantage.

A solar charger is a great way to charge your phone. Put the charger near a window and your phone will be charged in a flash. You can use the power of the sun in any setting that gets good sunlight exposure.

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