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Is a smart watch worth buying in 2022? Amazfit GTR3 Pro experience


After wearing a smart watch for a few months, I gradually don’t want to wear a traditional watch. The smart watch can achieve more functions, such as recording steps, sleep and some sports, etc., but these are based on the good battery life of the watch. Let’s talk about it, if the smart watch needs to be charged once a day, then I will not wear a smart watch. The smart watch in my mind needs to be charged at least once every three or four days. Of course, the longer the better, so I buy a smart watch. The most important thing about a watch is its battery life Amazfit GTR3 Pro.


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Amazfit is the brand of Huami Technology. The Chinese name is “Yue I”. Some time ago, Huami Technology launched the Amazfit Yuewu GTR 3 Pro. After a period of use, I have a deeper understanding of Amazfit GTR3 Pro. Conclusion: This is a smartwatch with a longer battery life and a good experience. Let’s see my experience sharing.

First of all, the packaging of the Amazfit GTR3 Pro is not large, and the design is very youthful. There are the pattern and name of the watch on the front, and there are some selling points on the side. This time I started with the black model, which is more calm when worn on the hand.
After opening the package, you will see the watch, charging cable and manual. The contents in the package are very simple. The charging cable is not equipped with a charging head. This seems to be a rule in the industry, but everyone has a lot of charging heads at home. Not a big deal either.

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The charging method of Amazfit GTR3 Pro uses a magnetic interface to charge. When charging, you only need to contact the contacts on the charging cable with the interface on the watch. Since the charging module has a magnetic module, charging is very convenient. allow. In addition, this charging module is very small and will not be bloated like many other smart watch charging modules. However, compared to magnetic charging, I prefer wireless charging. I don’t know if the official will consider upgrading in the future.


What I got this time is a black strap, the strap is made of skin-friendly material, which makes Amazfit GTR3 Pro very comfortable to wear on the hand. The design of the entire watch is quite satisfactory, the dial adopts a standard prototype design, and the strap is The same design as a traditional watch, there are two modules on the strap to fix the strap, which is praised.

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The dial design of the Amazfit GTR3 Pro is very simple. The front is a display with a 2.5D glass panel. The screen is higher than the frame. This design is more textured, but it also increases the risk of the dial being scratched. I personally like it very much. This design, this design is more fashionable, and the design of the dial screen lower than the frame looks rougher.


The dial is surrounded by a matte metal material, which seems to have a certain texture. There are two buttons on the side of the watch, and there is a microphone in the middle of the button, which means that the Amazfit GTR3 Pro can make and receive calls.


It is worth noting that among the buttons next to it, the one located in the upper right corner has a rotation function, similar to the function keys on the Apple Watch. The rotation can realize the dragging of the menu, and there is a certain vibration as the watch is rotated. Although the vibration is not as good as the texture on the mobile phone, I can feel the intention of the Amazfit GTR3 Pro.


The dial of the Amazfit GTR3 Pro can be changed at will. Just like other smart watches, you can easily change the dial by long-pressing the home screen. However, it is worth noting that there are only a few default dials. If you need more dials, you will also need Connect the software in the mobile phone to synchronize. This dial in the picture is the most popular one in the dial market. I also prefer this dial, it feels a bit like a green water ghost.

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Due to the use of an OLED screen, Amazfit GTR3 Pro supports the screen-on-screen display function. I tested it intentionally. The power consumption of turning on the screen-on-screen display function and not turning on this function is not much different, so I am willing to turn on this function and turn it on. After this function, every time you see the dial inadvertently, there will be an unspoken pleasure. I think this is how the watch should be, rather than deliberately raising the wrist to view the dial of the watch.



I said earlier that I wear a smart watch because it can achieve more functions. For example, the sleep function of the watch is what I use most. It can record how many hours I slept last night and how much deep sleep I had. No, because the mobile phone’s measurement of sleep duration is not accurate. Compared with the bracelet, the watch is a more intelligent and convenient solution, but this also requires a certain level of battery life of the watch.

It is no exaggeration to say that in the process of using Amazfit GTR3 Pro, the first full charge is after wearing the watch for seven days, that is to say, this watch can meet my needs for a week of use. The battery life of the watch is extremely satisfying to me.


Like other smartwatches, Amazfit GTR3 Pro also supports NetEase Cloud Music, and it is worth noting that the watch supports external playback, but not to mention the sound quality, wearing a smartwatch is more of a convenience, you can use it when exercising. Turn on the external playback, so that the sports will be more exciting, and you can download the music to the watch in advance, which will be much more convenient.


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I prefer the one-button measurement function of the Amazfit GTR3 Pro. When the one-button measurement function is turned on, it only takes 1 minute, and the watch will automatically detect various data of the body, such as heart rate, heart health and a series of data.


In fact, there is a big reason why I use a smart watch. The smart watch has a payment code function. Sometimes it is very convenient to call the payment QR code in the watch to pay after exercising or when it is inconvenient to carry a mobile phone. I wanted to stay away from my mobile phone for a while. I can go out in this way without my mobile phone, which can greatly reduce the usage of mobile phones every day. However, this is only possible when only the payment code is used. If there are other urgent matters, it is recommended. Carry a cell phone. In addition to paying with the QR code, you can also add a transportation card to the watch to take transportation. Because I usually drive a lot, this function is not used much.

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Amazfit GTR3 Pro supports software expansion, and the system is Zepp OS. Compared with the traditional Google Waer OS, it unfortunately only supports a few specific software, but from another point of view, the basic functions of this watch are already supported. And it has a good battery life, so this is acceptable.


To add a cold knowledge: zepp app is currently the best third-party watch app that supports Apple’s ecology, and supports access to the data of Apple’s health app. The health dimension data is the most complete compared to all Android watches. In addition to viewing some data directly on the watch, more data can be viewed in the zepp app on the mobile phone. For example, PAI records the level of vitality, calories burned, heart rate and stress that can be viewed in the software of the mobile phone. It is also worth noting that Amazfit GTR3 Pro also supports the blood pressure screening function, which can screen out people with high blood pressure among people with undiagnosed high blood pressure.


I think the snoring sleep monitoring function in the software is the most interesting. After turning on this function, the watch will automatically record when we are talking in sleep at night. I have always hoped to have such a hardware, and now I can finally know what I say at night What a dream, but after this function is turned on, the battery life of the watch will decrease to a certain extent.

In addition to the regular data, the software also provides some training plans. Following these training plans, different goals can be achieved. I believe that hardware and software exercise is a very good exercise method.


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What I am most satisfied with Amazfit GTR3 Pro is its battery life. Charging it once a week allows me to regain the peace of mind of using a traditional watch, and it also allows me to experience the technological sense of a smart watch, so I am still waiting for a smart watch. Watch classmates can try this watch, I believe it will open the door to a new world for you, if you have any questions about this watch, we can communicate with each other.

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