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Becoming A Savvy Iphone User: A Guide


There are good and cons to owning an iphone. The infinite possibilities of the apps can seem mind boggling at first.

Whenever you learn how you can use your phone’s volume buttons for taking pictures, use your headphone cord to snap a quick picture. Hold the phone steady and press the button on the cord. Doing so will give you a clear shot without shaking your iPhone.

You won’t need to worry about being lost once you have an iphone. The maps app lets you buy it and can let you see the location when you have service.This can help you get home or anywhere else you haven’t seen yet.

One of the best buys you can make for your iPhone is a protective screen. Without a protective screen, it can become scratched. All it takes is a small piece of dirt to cause a bad scratch. Make sure to always protect the screen of your phone.

Make sure you update your phone is using the latest updates. This means that you get the latest software and updates available for your phone will always have what it needs to function properly.

An iPhone can act as your GPS. Use the map as GPS when you want definite directions, or when trying to find gas stations or grocery stores en route. You can bookmark the phone’s map function to access it easily any time.

You can also take a picture through using your headphone cord as well. Press the button located on the cord when you are ready.Using this method prevents you from shaking your photos are crisp and ending up with a blurry photo.

Make an application from any site you visit regularly. Load the website on your iPhone. Once you are there, tap on “Go”. Then, you will have the option of adding the site to the home screen. Whenever you get it on the home page, it can be renamed, and then, you’ll have your own app of the site.

Say you are surfing for local dry cleaner. When you find a number, you don’t have to visit your phone option to actually place the call. Just tap on the number and you then connect to the place you want to contact.

Did you know that you can save images easily when online searching on the iPhone? Find the image you want, touch and hold. Soon, a box will pop up with the option to save the image you’ve touched.

Buy yourself a screen to protect your phone. Without one, the phone is sure to get scratched and dinged. Even tiny bit of dirt hidden on your pocket will scratch the screen.

If you download an application that will let you upload your files to the iPhone, you can utilize it as a device for storage. With the app, text, music, and even photos can be uploaded. Just open them up on your iPhone, or you can plug your phone into a computer.

Are you tired of all the constant notifications you receive? There is a way to turn off the notifications. Check “In Notification Center” to identify apps that are not need. This can also improve the life of your battery life.

It is possible to take a picture from your headphone cord. Start off by getting the picture you want and put it in the frame. When you are ready, press the button that is on the cord. You have now taken a photo using your headphone cord. Also, the save function is similar to saving any other picture for your convenience.

You can make an app out of any site that you visit often. Tap “Go” when you access the site loaded in your browser. This will give you the ability to put this site on your home screen.

When surfing the web, scroll with both one and two fingers. If the page is separated into boxes, one finger scrolling allows you to go through each box. You can scroll through the main page with two fingers.

A great tip to implement when using the iphone is to save the images you view directly from those. Simply touch the image that you wish to save and hold your finger there for two or three seconds. A box will pop up giving you want to save that image.

Have you missed an opportunity to get a great picture because your camera application was too slow to ramp up? Try this easy idea. If you have locked the screen, tap twice on the Home button. A camera icon will appear at the bottom of your screen after you do this. Touch this camera icon and you will be able to use your iPhone as a camera right away.

There are applications that allows users to upload files to the iphone to store files. With an app like this, you are able to upload pictures, music, photo and text files to your iphone. You will only have to plug in your iphone to any computer to access your files, and you can also open them right from the phone itself.

Privacy comes into play when using Siri. Apple can record and store what you say to Siri. Apple’s primary purpose in recording Siri prompts is to maintain and improve speech recognition functioning on your iPhone.

You can even take photos with the cord from your headphones. Begin by focusing the photo. When the picture is ready to go, depress the button your cord. This will process the photo. You can then save your picture like you normally would.

You can set your iPhone to let you know when calls or messages are coming in. You can set up the iPhone’s LED flash to blink when a call or message comes in. Begin by going towards the settings menu, then select “General”, then navigate to “Accessibility”. Choose the feature “LED flash” for alerts.

Use this tip to make messaging quicker. You can dismiss dictionary word by tapping the screen.You don’t need to hit the small “x” that is found at the word.

It is important to update your iPhone’s firmware whenever updates are available. Not only will this keep your phone useable, but it will also increase it’s battery life. The easiest way to do this is to connect your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes downloaded on it. Or, you can connect your iPhone to your computer through iCloud.

If you wish to send your message or draft a note but do not want to utilize corrected words, the “X” button does not have to be tapped in order to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen anywhere and the words will be eliminated.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps for your phone. There are so many options out there when it comes to the apps, between the free and pay versions. But some are very shady and will actually take your information or send you hidden charges.

Turn the keyboard clicks ON to hear clicks as you type on the keyboard. This can help you limit the number of mistakes as you are typing.

While your iPhone generally optimizes page navigation, it can be a hassle to return to the beginning of a lengthy page. There is not need to do that! Just tap the status bar–the piece that has the clock–on your screen’s top to jump to the page’s top. This works for all long screens, especially one like iTunes.

Don’t let your iphone waste your time using suggested words when typing on an iphone. This way you do not have to tap the little “x” every word you type.

In order to mark one of your emails as unread through your iPhone, you must locate the command for it because it isn’t on there by default. Go to Details, click on Unread and re-open your emails. They will appear as unread.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps you download to your phone. Some are not legitimate and may charge you hidden fees.

If you operate an iPhone, you can use Facebook with it. No longer do you have to log into your computer to visit your favorite social media sites. You can do it right from your phone.

Tap the bar on the top of the page. You can also use this on any long screen as your music library).

If you are writing an e-mail, but don’t have the time to finish, cancel it instead of closing the app. Your phone will ask whether you would like to save it as a draft. This allows you to finish up your email a later time if you have something to do.

One great suggestion for your iphone is to use of Facebook. Many people enjoy the fun and social aspect of Facebook, but some people are unaware that they can use Facebook on their phone.

If you’re accident prone, make sure that you purchase a case for your iPhone. You can actually shatter the glass on the iPhone’s front if you drop it without proper protection. Although no case can guarantee to protect your phone, it is an extra line of defense in case you happen to drop your phone.

You can set up shortcuts on the iphone to be more efficient when typing.Go to the Settings menu, look under General, Keyboard, and finally Add New Shortcut. You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms as desired. When you write these shortcuts, your phone will automatically fill it in for you.

Are you trying to back up your contacts on your iPhone? This can simply be done by getting a neat little app that is called iDrive Lite. This app lets you share and restore your general contact list. It’s free if your software is current.

Reduce the time you spend typing messages on your iphone. Go to your settings sections and make new keyboard shortcuts. This way you can take the complex phrases or long words you use and program them in ahead of time. Then going forward you will have to type them out each and every time.

Do you want to have different alert tones than other people? You can make custom alert tones by doing this. Go to Sounds under the Settings section. Choose the alert you wish to change. Next, choose Buy More Tones.

The iphone has an extremely useful dictionary as a standard feature that is quite comprehensive. This can be utilized with almost any app. Simply hold your finger down on a particular word and choose “define” from the options that appears.

To truly maximize the power of your iPhone, go through the tutorials that Apple provides. If you pay attention you will find many of the answers you seek. Whenever you are unsure, go to the tutorials, and you will soon have a phone to exactly meet your needs.

Social Media

Play around with your iPhone. Using your phone all the time will allow you to become familiar with it more and more. Of course, it will take some time to fully get to know your phone, but the effort will be worth it, and it can even be fun.

Connect with your friends using mobile social media on the iphone. The iphone lets you instantly update your friends updated through social media like Facebook or Facebook. Get the latest buzz and news with social media apps so you know what is going on.

Knowing shortcuts to manipulate text on the phone can really help you get faster. For instance, you can double-tap on a suggested word if you want to select it. This saves a lot of time. Were you aware that there’s an equally quick shortcut for selecting entire paragraphs? When you tap four time, the whole paragraph will be selected; doing this makes it quicker to both cut and paste.

If you are an iphone owner, then you are probably aware of most of the things this powerful device can do. However, there are many secret tips that you may have been unaware of. Apply what you have learned in this article to maximize your upside to owning this device.

If you are making a phone call, but wish to disguise your telephone number, this can be accomplished with the iPhone. In the Settings menu, select Phone, Show Caller ID, then select OFF. You can also use that area to find out your own phone number if you cannot remember it.

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